Staff Reporter

  • Peak temperatures in March have always been above 38
  • The highest being in 2004 when the city recorded 40 degrees

    HYDERABAD: If you are already feeling quite queasy of soaring temperatures, better brace yourself for more. Going by the past record, things are set to hot up during March in the State capital.

    Experts have already raised the spectre of increasing temperatures globally and especially in southern hemisphere. Given the rapid `concretisation' in the State capital, one should not be surprised if the mercury soars to new heights this year. Hyderabad Met Department officials say that past trends in the twin cities point towards an increase in temperature at least by a degree for every five days from March till May.

    "From the later half of March, temperatures generally increase. One should not be surprised because it is a natural cycle. Perhaps, the construction of so many concrete structures added to the heat," points out Hyderabad Met Director M. Satya Kumar. In the last four years, temperatures during March in the twin cities hovered around 36 degrees. In fact, peak temperatures in March have always been above 38 in the last four years.