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Filmgoers can change situation: Kanta Rao

VISAKHAPATNAM: Former Mayor D.V. Subba Rao described T.L. Kanta Rao as "evergreen hero" on a par with veteran actors Akkineni Nageswara Rao and N.T. Rama Rao.

At a programme organised by the Vizag Film Society here on Saturday, Mr. Subba Rao recalled his memorable roles, especially in folk films. He wondered: "Are there any films today in which he can play a decent role?"

He suggested that Mr. Kanta Rao' s films could be shown by the VFS and on TV to enable the younger generation to appreciate old films. Drawing an analogy between the old films and the present day ones, Mr. Kanta Rao said: "The present films are see, enjoy and forget. If you try to recall, you will get headache. Old films are cherished for generations, be it for their songs, story or action." He was also critical of the unnecessary show of flesh by heroines in present day films. He felt that only opposition from filmgoers could change the situation for the better.

`Change imminent'

Mr. Kanta Rao said that producers were treating films as no more than business. Murders, violence and promiscuity had become very common and society had also become insensitive to these things. He, however, felt that change was imminent and one couldn't expect everyone should have the same taste.

"At home, when I wish to watch a good old film on the TV, all the other family members go away. After I switch off, they flock back to watch new films till late in the night," he lamented. He called for a revolution in families and hastened to add: "That's my personal opinion." Earlier, VFS joint secretary P.V. Ramana Rao said that Mr. Kanta Rao had acted in 400 films. He had played a variety of roles but came to be popularly known as `kattula' Kanta Rao.

Acting institute

VFS honorary secretary N. Prakasa Rao suggested that the Government set up an archive of old films and an acting institute on the lines of the Film and Television Institute in Pune.

At a separate programme organised by Kalanjali to felicitate him on Friday, Mr. Kanta Rao became emotional and broke down when K. Rajendra Prasad of Roshan Lal Orchestra sang `ye nimushaniki yemi jaruguno... '. The song from `Lava Kusa' was picturised on Mr. Kanta Rao.

He, perhaps, took a trip down memory lane recalling his association with N.T. Rama Rao in the film.