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No proportionate increase in allocations to benefit common man, says CPI

KADAPA: The State budget is pro-rich and hike in budgetary outlay is nominal compared to the growing needs of the population, according to CPI district secretary G. Obulesu.

The annual tax burden on each citizen was over Rs. 3,600, but the budget did not proportionately increase allocations to benefit the common man, Mr. Obulesu said on Monday. Welcoming allotment of Rs. 13,000 crores for irrigation projects, he wondered how much had been spent out of Rs. 10,000 crores allocated last year.

The outlay of Rs. 250 crores for crop insurance premium would be inadequate for 86 lakh small and marginal farmers in the State.

Allocations for education, medical and health and welfare sectors were inadequate, he stated.

The vital sectors were allotted Rs. 3,000 crores and outlay for infrastructure creation was meagre, he said. The budget made no mention of waiver of farmers' loans as recommended by Swaminathan Commission and steps to curb farmer suicides recommended by Jayati Ghosh, he alleged.