Welcome step for education

The contemplation of reforms by the Government to improve educational standards by beginning concept schools on the lines of residential schools is a welcome step. It will definitely provide more opportunities to rural youth, as the intention is to establish these schools in rural areas.

The emphasis is on imparting education in English medium with curriculum modelled on that of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

Though regional languages are important, the importance of English should be accepted if the young generation is to enjoy better opportunities in future.

N. Kripalani


Plea to voters

The ongoing revival of the Legislative Council after a long gap is commendable. It creates another forum enabling members to discuss bills passed by the Assembly and offer their valuable suggestions before an act is made. In this background, my appeal to one and all is that `mature and experienced' persons should be sent to the Legislative Council. The educated voters should use their good sense and elect competent persons. This will help in setting an ideal example for the council to meet the need of the hour.

T.L. Kanta Rao


Plaudits for city police

As a citizen, I cannot but appreciate the efforts made by the city police in taking timely action in the newsreader Lakshmi Sujatha murder case. The public will repose their full confidence only when such promptness is displayed in cracking cases. With strong leadership in place, I believe the city police will meet the expectations of the people.

L.V.S. Kameswara Rao


Hostels in a bad shape

Welfare hostels in the State are in a poor condition due to improper maintenance. There are also malpractices taking place. The authorities say that lack of financial aid and facilities are responsible for the hostels being in dire straits. On its part, the State Government says it has allocated Rs. 200 crores in annual budget for strengthening hostels. Wardens are often blamed and there are instances of students complaining against unhygienic food. The authorities concerned should take necessary steps to bring these hostels into a good condition.

V. Srinivas


Postal services

The postal department is coming out with services aimed at catering to the corporate companies and the rich. The perfumed postal stamp is an example. There are many things to discuss and `reply post cards' are not available in the city for several months now. These cards are available at Guntur, Eluru and Tenali. It takes three days with no intervening holidays for an ordinary letter to reach Hyderabad from Vijayawada. The condition of post box at Radham Centre needs to be improved immediately.

A.D. Bhavani