Special Correspondent

HYDERABAD: Mahindra Satyam, the new brand identity of Satyam Computer Services Limited, has announced its decision to re-instate variable pay for its associates across all levels.

The company had suspended the variable pay option, amounting to around 15 per cent of the total annual salary of associates, since April this year as part of the cost control measures.


Mahindra Satyam had also decided to reinstate benefits including staff welfare allowance every quarter, performance based employees stock ownership plans for middle and senior level associates and service anniversary programmes.

The company had decided to re-introduce staggering cash bonus for select set of associates at the junior level along with various rewards and recognition programmes for them.

The unprecedented commitment and support from the associates was vital for the company’s recovery and “this is an expression of gratitude to our associates”, Mahindra Satyam chief people officer Hari T. said.