Middlemen rule the roost

Rythu Bazaars got tremendous response from the public in the initial days of their establishment. But in the recent past they have lost their reputation, as these markets are now under the control of middlemen.

Particularly, the rythu bazaar located on Swaraj Maidan has become a `maya bazaar,' where the stall owners keep aside qualitative vegetables for hoteliers and other big customers. Heated arguments between vendors and customers are a common scene here. There are complaints about erring weighing machines and collection of excessive parking fee. I request the officials concerned to take necessary steps to streamline this market.

V. Srivalli

Streets turn into parking lots

Too much of transport activity in Hanumanpet area is causing a lot of inconvenience to residents, particularly to senior citizens. Many streets, including Andhra Ratna Road, Namburi Narayana Rao Street, Nagabhushanam Street and Sambamurthy Street turned out to be parking lots for tourist buses and lorries.

Residents could not find place to move on the roads in the lanes. We wonder why the officials concerned do not take any action to regulate the vehicles and provide way to the residents.

K. Narasimha Rao

Sign boards needed

There are several designated bus stops in the city, but none of the stops has a signboard. The city buses stop at the places convenient to drivers and autorickshaws stop at bus stops. Though the authorities assured that they would instruct their drivers to stop buses at designated stops, they did not arrange signboards to indicate the stops.

Since many drivers did not know the exact location of the bus stop, they are unable to follow the instructions of their superiors. It is time the RTC officials take steps to install signboards and to make periodical checks to ensure the implementation of their instructions.

M.S.K. Bindu

Power reforms

In the scenario of acute shortage of electricity, the State Government has to make some independent investigation into the implementation of power sector reforms, which were introduced by the previous Telugu Desam Government.

Though the Tamil Nadu and Kerala Governments refused to implement the reforms suggested by the World Bank, our State Government implemented them amidst several protests from different quarters. It is time the Government comes out with a report on why domestic consumers, farmers and rural industrialists are unhappy with the existing system of power supply.

A. Narasimham

Publicise CAT card terms

The Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) introduced Concessional Annual Travel (CAT) Card sometime ago, offering a 10 per cent discount to cardholders on bus fare. Besides that, it is noted on the reverse side of the card that a compensation of Rs. 2 lakhs will also be paid to the cardholder.

The terms and conditions relating to this offer, however, are not mentioned on the card, which may lead to complications in the future. I request the officials concerned to announce the rules and regulations, besides giving priority to cardholders at reservation counters.

T.L. Kanta Rao