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NELLORE: Be aware, high consumption of eggs may lead to diabetes. This was found by the scientists across the world in a research, said Dr. Y. Ramu of Ramakrishna Diabetes Research Centre of the city.

Speaking to the newsmen here on Wednesday, the diabetes specialist who participated in the 20th International Diabetes Federation (IDF) conference held at Montreal, Canada, from October 18 to 22 said,

India has turned into a ‘diabetes capital’ of the world with 4.5 crore people suffering with the disease of which 4 lakh were children.

Risk factor

Researchers found that high consumption of eggs may increase the risk of developing diabetes mellitus (increase in glucose content in urine).

The incidence of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is growing alarmingly across the world and the disease is the second leading cause of death after cardiovascular ailments, he said.

Lifestyle changes

DM can be prevented in impaired glucose tolerance patients by maintaining proper diet, exercises and change in life styles.

Some new drugs have come into the market which do not give side effects and can be used for both sugar and BP patients.

The drugs should be used as per the prescription of diabetes specialists.

About 14,500 diabetes specialists and researches across the world participated in the IDF conference and discussed on various research methods, acording to Dr.Ramu.