Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: Truth Labs, the first private institute of forensic experts in the country, has helped solve over 500 cases by delivering expert opinion, its founder-chairman, K.P.C. Gandhi, said on Saturday.

Addressing a press conference on the occasion of the institute completing two years, Mr. Gandhi said an exclusive cyber forensic division would be set up at its Bangalore office soonwhich would be helpful for corporate companies. .

While proposals were mooted for opening up Truth Labs branches at Chennai and Mumbai, three-month certificate courses in cyber investigation, cyber forensics and cyber security in collaboration with the Bangalore-based National Law School of India would be started soon.

The courts, police departments of different States, detective agencies, law firms, insurance companies and individuals had approached the Truth Labs for expert opinions in matters relating to cheating, forgery, suicide notes, obscene and defamatory notes and paternity testing. Polygraph tests were conducted in over 30 cases of murder, kidnap and vandalism.

Among the cases, in which Truth Labs has given scientific observations, are fraudulent withdrawal of Rs.10 crore by forging stolen cheques of a famous Bollywood actor and a child swapping case referred by the Karnataka government.

At the request of the CBI, opinion was submitted in the case of Y.S.R. chopper crash.