G. Nagaraja

ELURU: A whistle-blower of the Treasury Department in Andhra Pradesh, who was responsible for the arrest of four personnel in the Social Welfare Department, including a Deputy Director and another Assistant Director, in the Rs.30-lakh scholarship scam in West Godavari district, attempted to end her life. Ch. Anuradha (27), Senior Accounts Officer in the office of the District Treasuries department, was battling for life in the government hospital here after consuming sleeping tablets.

In a statement recorded by the police from her while undergoing treatment, Ms. Anuradha said the harassment by the sleuths of the Crime Investigation Department handling the case was the cause for her suicide bid. She said she had been subjected to harassment by CID personnel in the name of questioning her.

She consumed the sleeping tablets after attending an inquiry conducted by the CID in Rajahmundry on Thursday. She had attended a similar inquiry at the same place on October 5.

Ms. Anuradha was posted in the Finance Department in Hyderabad on deputation following her request that she was feeling insecure after she brought to light the scholarship scam.

CID officials were alleged to have visited her in Hyderabad quite often on the pretext of questioning her. The CID DSP even threatened to implicate her in the case based on the complaint by one of the accused persons that she too had a role in the fraud, she said.

Forged signatures

Eluru police arrested the tainted personnel of the Social Welfare Department based on the complaint of Ms. Anuradha, a year ago, and handed over the case to the CID for further investigation. When an attender from the Social Welfare Department was trying to realise the cheques with the forged signatures of the drawing officers, she noticed the fraud and brought it to the notice of her higher-ups in the Treasury department and the police.