Special Correspondent

KURNOOL: After the deluge, the residents of Kurnool are to fight water scarcity.

The authorities are making hectic arrangements to draw water from Gajuladinne project, 50 km upstream of city.

Kurnool switched over to KC canal to meet its water needs a few years ago disbanding the river source. Since the KC canal in a shambles now, the water supply system is put to strain.

The municipal authorities are making efforts to draw water before the summer storage tank which has capacity to sustain the supply for 15 days goes dry.


According to officials, the supply was jacked up from 55 million litres to 65 million litres to meet the demand. Every household is consuming double the amount of water to clean up the houses. Even to draw water from Gajuladinne project, the KC canal bunds are to be repaired to a distance of 7 km from G. Singavaram to Munagalapadu. Meanwhile, the pump house on the Tungabhadra bank near Masa Masjid is being repaired by replacing the transformers and pump sets. The system supplies 20 per cent of the total water requirement of the city.

The municipal authorities requested the collector to intervene and coordinate with the irrigation department.