Rosaiah makes aerial survey of flood-affected areas

Relief in Kurnool and Mahabubnagar, he says

‘The concern now is about Krishna district and Vijayawada’

VIJAYAWADA: Chief Minister K. Rosaiah, who undertook an aerial survey of the flood affected areas of Krishna district on Sunday, said that an earnest effort was being made to limit the flood discharge at Prakasam Barrage at 10.5 lakh cusecs, which it would reach by Monday morning, but the situation could force the authorities to discharge more than that.

‘Villagers alerted’

Mr. Rosaiah told reporters here after the aerial survey that there was some relief in the situation prevailing in Kurnool and Mahabubnagar districts barring Nandyal town that was “threatening”, but the danger was still lurking.

“Now our concern is about Krishna district and Vijayawada. Our preliminary estimate was that 28 villages in the low-lying areas of the district will be inundated.

But, if the flood crosses 10.5 lakh cuses, another 34 villages will also be affected. The officials have put these villagers too on high alert,” the Chief Minister detailed.

Mr. Rosaiah made a fervent appeal to the people of the river bank villages and areas in the district not to turn a deaf ear to the instructions being given by the officials from time to time about moving to safer places.

“Please do not say that you have seen it all or your forefathers have seen much more. It is in your own safety that you should move to relief and rehabilitation centres,” Mr. Rosaiah appealed, in the context of reluctance and stiff opposition among some dwellers of the river bank and island villages to evacuation efforts.

‘Help at hand’

In all, 230 armed personnel were on duty, while 185 from the National Disaster Response Force arrived on Sunday. A total of 36 boats and four helicopters were available for use.

The Chief Minister said Collectors of the flood-affected districts were given the authority to draw as much as they want from the treasury. The Collectors were also given the authority to declare holidays for schools, which were scheduled to reopen on Monday.