HYDERABAD: Numbed by the utter chaos and devastation the swirling waters of Hundri and Tungabhadra left behind in Kurnool city, the government is seriously looking into various factors that caused inundation of the once capital of Andhra.

Not convinced by the argument put forth by the irrigation officials that backwaters of Srisailam reservoir contributed to the flooding of major portion of the city, the State government is understood to have decided to probe further into other factors that led to the calamity.

At an all party meeting the government convened Saturday, the moot question raised was when water levels in Srisailam reservoir touched the 896 feet mark, water level in Kurnool city dropped by three feet. “Opposition leaders are firm that officials are misleading the government on the issue,” a Minister, who was present at the meeting, told The Hindu. “There seems to be some truth in the doubts raised by the political parties. Without giving any scope for criticism, we want to look into all aspects, including whether there was delay on the party of the officials in taking precautionary measures,” he observed.

As the threat to Kurnool district receded, the government is now coming to grips with the theory that officials concerned were not quick to respond to the dangerous situation that was likely to unfold from Friday morning. The absence of contingency plans to meet any eventuality in spite of the warnings issued by the Central Water Commission (CWC) in advance is said to have become a focal point for officials at the higher level.

It is believed that the CWC had clearly forecast the first of its kind ‘historic flood’ based on the flood gauge recorded at Mantralayam and Bhavapur stations. As regards the Hundri, its major tributary Vakkileru was the prime cause for flash floods into the river.

The backwaters of Tungabhadra, which is joined by Hundri on the outskirts of Kurnool, also flooded the old city. It is believed that if officials had acted swiftly on Friday morning and evacuated thousands of local residents, the nightmare experienced by them would have been avoided.