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NEDCAP allots land to 24 developers of wind power plants

Developers being paid Rs. 3.10 per unit

200 mw power being produced at present

ANANTAPUR: As part of its efforts to popularise wind energy, rhe Non-Conventional Energy Development Corporation (NEDCAP) is attempting to tap the full potential in Anantapur, Kadapa, Kurnool and Chittoor. It is developing a wind estate in the Ramagiri area by acquiring land on its own and allotting the same to 24 developers of wind power plants for producing 20 megawatts of power, in order to prevent bureaucratic delays.

Tallacheruvu, Alankanarayanapeta and Nallakonda near Penukonda have been notified as potential areas for tapping of wind power. MPR dam in Bhadrampalle and Vajrakarur have been indentified and notified for setting up wind power generation units. Bhandarlapalle and Burugula in Kurnool district, Jammalamadugu, Dodiyam. Payalakunta in Kadapa district also had been identified as potential locations for setting up wind power plants.

Present scenario

Anantapur NEDCAP Executive engineer Mr.M. Kodanda Rama Murthy told The Hindu here on Thursday that the Centre has liberally announced several concessions to woo developers. The developers are paid Rs.3.10 per unit, which is the minimum assured price for those in the wind power generation sector.

Presently 200 mw are being produced by 24 developers in the region. However, potential exists for producing around 10,000 megawatts by tapping the wind potential identified at several places in the Rayalaseema districts. To trigger speedy development, the Centre has liberalised norms for the execution of wind energy generation projects.

The two demonstration plants of NEDCAP at Kondamedapalle (Kurnool) and Nellore are producing 2.75 mega watts and 2.5 mega watts respectively.

A 220 kv sub station had been set up at Ramagiri. Eight new projects at Mustikovela and Kadavakallu area have been connected to a 220 kv substation and 132 kv substation in the region. An investment of Rs.5 crore is needed to produce 1 MW of power .