VIJAYAWADA: The BSA Motors, a strategic business unit of Tube Investments of India (TII), opened its authorised showroom, Vijaya Motors, here at Moghalrajapuram on Wednesday.

Addressing a press conference on the occasion, BSA Motors general manager K. B. Srinivasan said the BSA Motors launched five models of eScooters for various target groups .

The models called Smile, Diva and Street Rider, were available for a showroom price of Rs. 28,600, Rs. 30,800 and Rs. 31,600, respectively. while Roamer and Roamer+ were available for a showroom price of Rs. 33,900 and Rs. 35,800, respectively .

Claiming good response to eScooters, Mr. Srinivasan said consumer incurs an expenditure of 6 to 7 paise per every km on eScooters, while it would be around Rs. 1.20 for fuel-based scooters. Senior Manager (Sales) N. Shankar was also present.