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Doctors surmise that the girl could have been sexually assaulted and killed

Experts also find injury on girl’s head

Locals do not rule out human sacrifice

HYDERABAD: A five-year-old girl, who was allegedly kidnapped a week ago after she was sent by her mother to buy medicines in a nearby shop, was found murdered in a well at Rajendranagar on Wednesday.

Forensic doctors surmised that the girl could have been sexually assaulted after performing autopsy of the highly decomposed body. Sources said the doctors also inferred that the girl did not die due to drowning as there was no trace of water in her lungs, a common phenomenon in case of death due to drowning. This led to the belief that she was killed elsewhere and her body dumped in the well.

Strengthening this suspicion, experts also found an injury on the head indicating that the girl received a blow with a hard object. Police also do not rule out the sexual assault angle as they noticed that the pyjama on the body was in reverse. The girl is the elder of the two daughters of a tailor living at Budvel. Around 9 p.m. on December 16, the mother sent the girl to a nearby medical shop.

Kidnap case

As the girl failed to return even after 30 minutes, the mother rushed to the shop owner only to be told that she did not come there. After searching the entire locality, the parents approached the police and a case of kidnap was registered. Police claim that they searched for the girl but in vain. Locals found the girl’s bloated body in an abandoned well on the outskirts of Budvel.

Mild tension prevailed in the area with locals and the victim’s family members alleging that it could be a case of human sacrifice pointing to lemons floating in the water.