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Police believe he could help disentangle the mystery behind Bhargavi’s killing

Two knife wounds deep enough to rupture her heart and lung

Praveen Kumar’s viscera to be sent to Forensic Science Laboratory

HYDERABAD: A day after film actress Bhargavi was found murdered in her rented house in Banjara Hills, the police on Wednesday intensified efforts to trace her assistant Venkat whom they believe would help disentangle the mystery behind her killing.

Ramesh, driver of the car, sent by the film unit to Bhargavi’s house to pick up her for the film shoot, told the police that Venkat kept a bag containing a rice-cooker and make-up kit in the car around 6.30 a.m. on Tuesday.

“I was waiting for her outside the house with the car when Venkat left the bag in the vehicle and disappeared,” the driver explained to the investigators.

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The police began reconstructing the sequence of events that unfolded before Bhargavi was found murdered, with the body of orchestra troupe operator Praveen Kumar lying beside her.

They suspect that probably Venkat first saw both of them dead and fled.

“It is confirmed that Venkat brought the bag apparently from Bhargavi’s portion. Only he can say if the actress was dead or alive at that time and explain what exactly happened,” an officer associated with the investigation said.

Venkat has become a crucial clue in the case because the last phone calls from the mobile phones of both Bhargavi and Kumar were made to his phone.

Interestingly, not many of the film unit members know about Venkat, who recently started working as the actress’ assistant. Meanwhile, police stumbled upon evidence confirming that Kumar had come to Bhargavi’s house around 6 a.m. in a hired Innova.

Suspicion confirmed

“He gave some money to the Innova driver asking him to hand it over to one Ravi in Nellore if he returns in 10 minutes,” police sources said. After waiting for some time, the driver left the place with the vehicle.

It is learnt that forensic doctors of Gandhi Hospital confirmed the suspicion of the police that Bhargavi died of knife wounds while Kumar due to consumption of some poison.

Out of the seven knife wounds on her body, two were deep enough to rupture her heart and a lung.

Viscera of Kumar has been preserved and being sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory to ascertain the type of poison that resulted in his death.

The bodies of the actress and the orchestra troupe operator were handed over to their respective family members after the autopsy.