With cellphone becoming an indispensable part of life, construction of cellular towers is also growing proportionately.

But scientists warn that the electro-magnetic radiation emanating from cellular towers poses immense risk to public health by causing brain tumour, cancer, nervous disorders, insomnia and muscle pains in the long run. Particularly, the people living in the vicinity of the tower are more prone to radiation effects.

The government should strictly prohibit construction of cellular towers in residential areas and public places. Public interest must take precedence over any other consideration.

V.J.V. Srinivas

Palangi, WG district

‘Lakshman Rekha’ for electronic media

The report that Navy Chief Sureesh Mehta has lambasted the electronic media for its “excessively intrusive” coverage of the commands’ operation to rescue hostages in the Taj Hotel and Nariman House in Mumbai, should be an eye-opener to our media houses.

While every citizen, no doubt, had the opportunity to see the mayhem and bloodshed caused by the terrorists due to the live coverage , it is also equally true that the media had forgotten its responsibility of keeping the minute details of the storming of the hotels and other places by the commandos out of its coverage. In their race to outwit each other, the channels ignored the fact that the terrorists would have got a fair idea of what was happening outside from their sources, which would have relied on the TV coverage. It is time the media had drawn a ‘Lakshman Rekha’ for itself, more so when national interests are involved.

Sk. Haseena


Protect students’ interests

With the academic year almost coming to an end, and with the announcement of examination schedule, both teachers and students are busy. There is the talk of elections in March or April.

The enumeration work and such other work, which normally commences a couple of months before elections, is usually entrusted to teachers.

Keeping in view the interests of students, the authorities concerned should think of assigning only moderate duties connected with elections to teachers. This would enable them to concentrate more on their academic work and complete the syllabus in time.

I. Subhash Samuel

Ulavapadu, Prakasam district

Widening of NH-9

The delay on the part of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) in taking up the widening of NH-9 between Hyderabad and Vijayawada is proving costly, as the road, especially in its narrow stretches in Nalgonda district, is witnessing a good number of minor and major accidents every day. Not a day passes without some death or the other on this road. S. Jaipal Reddy, who was elected to the Lok Sabha from Miryalaguda and later became the Union Minister, has miserably failed to get the works sanctioned. It is no excuse to say that the High Court had stayed the tender process, which is only a recent development. What happened during the last four and half years?

Mr. Reddy would have to incur the wrath of people of his constituency when he comes back to seek votes.

S. Krishna Reddy

Kodad, Nalgonda district