This has reference to news item (High Court stays political road shows-26-11-08). The court has done the right thing. These shows are creating chaos on the roads causing lot of inconvenience to people. It is true that political parties have liberties to canvass during elections or for other purpose to express their views. But in recent past there is a lot difficulty in mobilising people for public meetings and hence political parties have launched road shows resulting in chaotic situations. The roads are meant for traffic and for the people but unfortunately they are being misused by certain groups for pursuing their selfish purposes, be it politics, business or other.

J.P. Reddy,


Unwise move

This has reference to the letter “Sugar coated terms-dated 01-12-08”. The idea of separate Telangana will intensify sub-regional feelings and that would weaken the concept of united Andhra Pradesh. It would be very unwise to do anything that would destroy the administrative continuity. Further it will also leave intense bitterness between the two regions if forcibly divided. Now the landlord rulers who defended the armed attacks of Razakars are trying to divide Andhra Pradesh. Let the people of Telangana beware of these leaders who say that Telangana would develop in a separate statehood.

M. Satyanarayana Rao,