This has reference to the letter titled “Statehood for Telangana” dated10-11-2008. The honour and dignity of Telangana people is at stake and the gullible people have been exploited in every field for 50 years. Whenever there is agitation for separation , terms like ‘dignity’ are on the lips of the integrationists. Had the interests of Telangana people not given go by successive the governments, there wouldn’t have been any clamour for separation.

Ch. Srisailam,


No to second SRC

The first SRC recommended separate statehood for Telangana.

The then Andhra government pressed the Centre for Vishal Andhra by offering some safeguards. One of the important safeguards offered, was that it would be left to the people of Telangana to remain united or separated after 1961. As soon as merger took place the Andhra leaders and government forgot the promises made. Recently some leaders suggested second SRC instead of separation. The second SRC at this stage is not acceptable to the people of Telangana.

D. Babu Rao,


Standards in social welfare hostel

Standards of scholarship are fast deteriorating in social welfare residential colleges. It is worse in the past two years. It’s time that suitable measures are taken up on a war footing. It is gratifying to note that secretary APSWREIS visited 50 institutions in a short span of time to get first hand information.

Md. Rafiuddin,