Staff Reporter

Hyderabad: If you are planning to visit Secunderabad railway station on Wednesday, better watch out. Chances are you might become a victim of a bomb blast. Yes, the city is going to be in for some trouble on November 26. At least four explosions are expected to take place - most probably on platform 1, 6 and 7.

No, the terrorists have not leaked their plans, nor have the cops stumbled upon any such designs. This time round, the detonation will be set off by the district administration itself.

The whole thing is part of a ‘mock drill’ to know the preparedness of authorities in the event of a natural or man made disaster.

After Bangalore, this is the second time in the country that such an elaborate exercise is planned here.

Nearly 600 employees from various departments will take part in this mock drill. Specific duties and functions of each department has been marked out.

“We want to know the response time and assess the preparedness of various departments in the event of a real disaster”, said Hyderabad Collector, Navin Mittal, who is also the chairman of district disaster management committee.

The district administration, he said, had effectively managed the blast at Mecca Masjid, twin blasts and the recent heavy floods. “But we want to further improve the response time and therefore this exercise”, Mr. Mittal said.

Between 1 p.m to 1.15 p.m four smoke bombs will go off on platform one, six and seven. The railway authorities will immediately alert the EMRI 108 service.

Then the message will go to the police, collector, DMHO, Revenue department and others.

Thereafter, the action will shift to the Gandhi and Yashodha Hospitals. Sirens blaring, 35 ambulances will rush to the Secunderabad railway station.

There will be 102 doctors and 150 para medics to look after the ‘injured’. The Police Commissioner will be on hand along with 100 police personnel.

A control room and help desk will be set up by the Revenue authorities and 16 teams of Tahsildars will be busy enumerating and recording the particulars of victims.

The public relation department will post the information on the district website and coordinate with media.

The GHMC will provide temporary lighting and other civic amenities while the National Institute of Amateur Radio will set up ham radios for flow of information.

The mock drill will last for three hours. Of course there will be no panic.

Before the action begins, the passengers and visitors at the Secunderabad railway station will be informed about the mock exercise.