Staff Reporter

Hyderabad: Even as public sector oil companies continue to sell petrol and diesel at the existing rates despite the slump in crude oil price in the global market, Shell India has taken the lead and slashed its petrol and diesel prices in twin cities.

“Based on supplies from the refineries, we change prices of our products every fortnight,” says Deepak Mukherji, country head of corporate affairs of Shell India.

Premium quality petrol that was sold at Rs. 61.45 per litre at Shell’s retail outlets a fortnight ago is now offered at Rs. 58.95 per litre since November 15. Similarly, diesel price has been slashed from Rs. 55.45 per litre to Rs. 44.95. While, premium petrol in public sector oil companies like Indian Oil Corporation and Bharat Petroleum in twin cities is sold at Rs. 60.66 (Xtra Premium) and Rs. 60.70 (Speed) per litre respectively, Shell India offers it at Rs. 58.95 (Shell Super Four for extra mile).

There are over 300 petrol and diesel selling pumps in Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy districts. On an average, 900 kilolitres of petrol and 1,500 kilolitres of diesel is sold everyday in the two districts, says Twin Cities Petrol and Diesel Retail Dealers Association General Secretary, T.C. Goel.