Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: Shubha, a 14-year-old was like any other teenager of her age. However, a routine glance at her shoulders by aunt revealed not all was right. Shubha’s shoulders were of unequal length and as she walked, she would bend to one side.

Medical investigations revealed that she was suffering from a spinal deformity called ‘Scoliosis’, which, if left uncorrected could have led to impaired pulmonary function. She was then referred to V. Surya Prakash Rao, Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon at Kamineni Wockhart Hospital.

For Dr. Surya Prakash, who has over 500 corrective surgeries to his credit, it was a different surgery altogether. Using the ‘CD Horizon Legacy Vertebral Column Manipulation’ (VCM), a new surgical technique, he could achieve 100 per cent correction on her spine. He claims that the technique was being used for the first time.

The technique enables surgeons to achieve controlled curvature corrections. The vertical arm and horizontal arm of the apparatus involved forcefully rotates the spine into the original position, thereby straightening it completely. The post operative x-rays of Shubha’s spine are a proof of the effectiveness of this surgery. Dr. Surya Prakash said that often, the condition went undetected as it was painless. Prevalent in about one to two per cent of the population, the condition worsens because of delay in providing medical care. The VCM was the only manner in which complete scoliosis correction along with rib hump correction can be done, he claimed.

“Corrective surgeries are not new, but using this technique is new. We want people to know that 100 per cent correction can now be achieved,” added the surgeon.