Special Correspondent

VISAKHAPATNAM: Diabetes type-II in children (aged below 20 years) has been on rise for the last 10 to 15 years. While studies in the US showed that one out of three children have diabetes some statistics prepared by individual doctors in different parts of the country indicated that it is one out of 10 in India.

In the past, type-I diabetes was found in people under 25 years of age and type-II in the above 45 years old people but it is alarming that this type is now found in children also at an increasing rate.

Apart from hereditary reasons change in lifestyle and food habits are the reasons being given for the increased incidence of type-II diabetes in children.

Unless it is controlled the child as he or she grows up encountering problems in kidneys, heart, etc.

Unlike an adult who faces the problems after 45 or 50 years, a child has to live with these problems from as early as 40 years.

This would result in a great burden to the individual, society and Government in the shape of loss of a person’s ability to work, medical expenses and increased strain on public health services.

These facts were brought out by a senior endocrinologist and HoD of Endocrinology of AMC and KGH K. Dileep Kumar and Associate Professor K.A.V. Subrahmanyam at a press conference held on Wednesday on the eve of World Diabetes Day .

Diabetes prevention and control are necessary and the reasons for one getting it are hereditary obesity, sedentary lifestyle unhealthy eating habits.

Children must be made to physically exert themselves and the parents must make them play games in which they spend energy.

Soft drinks and chocolates must be avoided and more greens in lunch and dinner, minimum intake of fried curries and eating fruits every day are a must.

“Parents, school children and Education Department have a major role to play in controlling and preventing diabetes.

Children must have playground to play”, Dr. Dileep Kumar and Dr. Subrahmanyam said.