Candidates of the three parties in fray from 50 divisions as talks fail

TDP remains firm on allotting three divisions each to the Left

CPI (M) has forwarded 56 names, while CPI lists 40 nominees

HYDERABAD: Contests between the Telugu Desam Party and the Left parties in several divisions have become inevitable as the last day for withdrawal of nominations in the forthcoming elections to Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation ended on Tuesday.

While the two Left parties CPI and CPI (M) will fight the TDP candidates in almost 50 seats, they will be pitted against each other in at least three divisions where they could not arrive at an understanding. As their talks with the TDP on possible seat-sharing yielding no results, 36 nominees of the CPI (M) and 15 of the CPI remained in the fray.

The talks, according to the Left leaders, could not proceed further as the TDP remained firm on its commitment to give them three divisions each.

This was against the 56-member list of the CPI (M) and the CPI’s list of 40 nominees forwarded to the TDP based on which the parties wanted to negotiate.

The two parties clarified that there would not be any ‘friendly contest’ and that they would seriously work for the victory of their nominees in the event of the talks ending up in failure.

The Telugu Desam Party’s stand, according to the Left leaders, was on the expected lines, but what came as disappointment was the inevitable contest between the two parties in Baghlingampally, Kukatpally and Serilingampally.

Baghlingampally in particular has turned out to be another Mangalagiri for the two parties as both of them are firm about their individual strengths in the division.