Special Correspondent

NTR Pranganam (Guntur): The TDP President N Chandrababu Naidu on Wednesday accused the ruling Congress of conspiring to make the Yuva Garjana a failure by not deploying adequate policemen for crowd control.

Anxious moments

With the grounds jampacked, the absence of enough policemen gave anxious moments to the organisers with several leaders repeatedly asking the crowd not to surge forward and get down from the scaffoldings of the huge cutouts.

Many media personnel had to run for cover and finally clambered atop the main dais as the TDP volunteers could not control the frenzied fans.

Urging the delirious crowd to observe discipline, he said “not a single policeman is seen”.

He told them to maintain restraint if they wanted to listen to their favorite star, Balakrishna.

He also repeatedly urged them not to get closer to the dais as several people surged into the ‘security D’.

He also charged the authorities with deliberately allowing heavy vehicles on the national highway in a bid to create traffic jams along the long route.