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Be wary of vested interests: CPI(M)

Probe into terrorist attacks weak; culprits at bay

Government urged to rein in fundamentalists

KURNOOL: P. Madhu, Rajya Sabha member of CPI(M), has said majority of Hindus and Muslims were peace-loving people in this country. However, a small section of trouble-makers in both the communities are playing havoc on the sentiments for selfish gains.

Addressing a public meeting on ‘Terrorism and Bomb Blasts’ here on Monday, he said there was no need for people of the two communities to clash over a cricket match played in Pakistan. Unless trouble shooters indulge in instigation, people would not be goaded into rioting.

He said the governments at the Centre and State has failed to curb the activities of the terrorists. The investigation was weak even after the incidents of violence.

The police have not been able to apprehend the culprits behind the blasts in Hyderabad at Lumbini Park and Gokul Chat.

He urged the people of both communities not to fall prey to machinations of vested interests as any sympathy for such groups would land the country in serious turmoil. Also, he urged the government to take serious action against the fundamentalist elements taking roots in the country.

Equal rights

He said the Constitution of India accorded equal rights to all communities and people of all religions and faiths. One should endeavour to enforce the spirit of the Constitution rather than blame a government or group.

The CPI(M) took out a huge rally seeking communal harmony which culminated at a meeting at the municipal open air theatre. Party leaders T. Shadrak, M.A. Gafoor and others spoke.