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They get real protection when they are among people, says former naxal leader

Naxals should read Mao and Ho Chi Minh to understand the point, he says

He says Naxals are not allowing dalits to become leaders

VISAKHAPATNAM: The naxalite groups have become nominal because they have forgotten the people, observed former naxalite leader K.G. Satyamurthy here on Sunday.

“I am sorry that they have become nominal. But it is their own mistake. They believe that dalam is everything and not people. Real protection for them is when they are among the people and not in forests,” Mr. Satyamurthy, a former general secretary of the then CPI (ML-People’s War), said at a press conference.

He advised the CPI (Maoist) to read the writing of Mao, particularly Mao’s Military Writings volumes 1 to 4 and Ho Chi Minh’s life history to understand the point. Mao had said that forest could never be the permanent shelter for a revolutionary, said Mr. Satyamurthy.

“People are everything as revolution is concerned. They must fight, achieve results and enjoy the fruits of revolution”, he said.

The CPI (Maoist) was wiped out from the Nallamala region due to the Government strategy. It had encouraged the Naxalites to move into the Nallamala forests, encircled them and invited them for talks. Then the police entered the forests and eliminated the naxalites from the area. It would be doing the same again by allowing the naxalites to get concentrated in another forest, he felt.

The Maoists or the CPI and CPI(M) would not allow dalits to become leaders, Mr. Satyamurthi said. In contrast Prachanda, the Maoist leader of Nepal (who became Prime Minister after the party agreed to democratic method of governance) had developed a dalit army with dalit commanders.

Recruitment into the Maoist party in India from Dalit section was not much because the leadership had not adopted policies to attract dalits.

Family of a poor dalit should be taken care of once he or she joined the party, he said.