It is now official that the Tatas have pulled out of Singur. The powers that be in Hyderabad and Delhi should roll out the red carpet to them and see to it that Vizag does not miss the bus at least now. The Volkswagen episode did leave a bitter taste, and our neighbouring State is marching ahead at an exponential pace in becoming the Detroit of India, whereas our State has been woefully lagging behind. Attractive freebies (tax holidays etc.) should be dished out to the Tatas and the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister should take the opportunity and see to it that Vizag and North coastal Andhra do not get the short shrift this time.

Gopal Tallamraju,


Aim at productivity

Governance is not easy at lower levels. So, for every small thing, an agitational approach is not fair. It shows that the real have-nots are on the rise though the wealth of the State has increased. You can work wonders if the masses are directed towards productive activity irrespective of political instability. The population structure has changed over 50 years and with commitment, we can achieve higher levels in all fields.

Capt. SVN Rajendra Gopal,


Danger to religion

Religion nowadays faces the biggest danger from its self-styled protectors and overenthusiastic defenders like Bajrang Dal, Viswa Hindu Parishad, SIMI, Al Quaeda, Indian Mujahideen and other such fanatical groups which unleash violence against fellow human beings in the name of protecting their faith. The massacre of the innocents by Jihadist terror groups to avenge the so-called insults to their religion is too sickening to recall in detail. Suffice it to say that instead of bringing glory to the great religion, these inhuman acts of terrorists projected it in bad light. Similarly, attacks on Christians and churches in the name of stopping evangelical poaching on Hinduism are the most idiotic acts. Religion needs to be protected from its so-called protectors.

T.S. Rao,


Bus concession

Senior citizens in the State are not extended any concession in bus fares by the APSRTC whereas the Indian Airlines and Railways have given concession in fare. Banks are giving one per cent extra interest on deposits for senior citizens. APSRTC is the only cheap mode of transport by road. Also, there are only two seats reserved for senior citizens on the ladies’ side. Very often, these seats are occupied by young women and college-going girls making senior citizens and women with infants in arms, forced to stand.

I appeal to the authorities to reduce the general city bus pass to Rs.150 a month and provide two more reserved seats to senior citizens on the males’ side in addition to the existing two seats.

Narayana Murthy Kandarpa,