In the recent past, some students from Andhra Pradesh, who had gone to the US to pursue higher studies, lost their precious lives in US under mysterious and tragic circumstances. There was not even a word of consolation, either from the US president or any associate of his administration, to the bereaved family members. The UK government was nice enough to depute an official to personally visit the bereaved family members when similar mishap took place in UK wherein a Vijayawada girl who was pursuing higher studies died under suspicious conditions there. In this context, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should have given a second thought before conveying pleasantries to US President George Bush that Indians deeply love him.

I. Subhash Samuel


No power can root out any religion

Recently there were attacks on Christian community in the states of Orissa and Karnataka, and it is still continuing in some parts of Orissa. The Viswa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal activists attacked Christians when Swami Lakshmananda was killed. They held Christians responsible for the murder though Maoists killed him. From this it is evident that they wanted to root out Christianity from Indian soil. Nero of Roman Empire wanted to root out Christianity from his empire. But, he failed in all his endeavours despite his tortures towards Christians. Now there are more than 400 crore Christians in the world population of nearly 700 crores. So, let us learn that no power in the world can root out any relation whether small or big or negligible.

M. John Wycliffe


Rectify anamolies in ban on smoking

India on October 2 joined the likes of France, Norway, New Zealand, UK and Ireland where smoking has been banned in public places. Though, Union Health Minister Ambumani Ramadoss chose an appropriate day to launch the nation-wide ban on smoking in public places, its effect could hardly be seen being a national holiday on October 2. Fine of Rs. 200 for violating the rule seems to have made no impact on the smokers. Apparently, absence of guidelines such as who should implement the rule is the reason behind the failure.

The government should rectify these anomalies, and at the same time ban in sale of tobacco for effective implementation of the ban.

Ch. Suryakantha Rao


Ensure smooth passage

Large number of devotees offer prayers at Indrakeeladri abode of Durga temple in Vijayawada during Dasara festival.

The temple festival committee which is supposed to ensure smooth passage of festival has become a hurdle in the way. There are reports that the committee members started interfering in organising festival in all ways.

They are sending people in large numbers with recommendation letters.

The committee members should desist from such moves as lakhs of devotees come from far off places to have darshan of presiding deity.

A. Neelakantha Rao