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Difficult days ahead with increased load from agriculture sector; fall in inflows into dams

Highest ever demand of 201.35 million units of power on Wednesday

Previous highest supply for a single day was 199 mu during March last

HYDERABAD: The APTransco set a record on Wednesday by supplying 201.35 million units (mu) of power to consumers, the highest demand it has ever met.

The previous highest supply for a single day was 199 mu during March last. The demand in the State, in fact, touched 215 million units on Wednesday following increased load from agriculture sector with the onset of the rabi season and the Transco supplied 201.35 mu against this, by continuing the cut in rural areas to the extent of 13.65 mu.

Restrictions imposed

The demand is likely to go up further due to a general rise in power consumption by 14 per cent, increase in cropped area under rabi, and the possible dry spell. The Irrigation Department has imposed restrictions on APTransco on using water for power generation from Srisailam and Nagarjunasagar.

This restriction, coupled with the sudden fall in inflows into these dams, has brought down the daily hydel generation to 50 mu from 70 mu.

As summer-like situation is unfolding slowly in the State, the APTransco is bracing itself to meet the challenge again.

As part of an action plan, the utility has begun to use naphtha as fuel to operate all “combined cycle” power plants, especially Lanco at Kondapalli and is presently purchasing 4.5 mu daily from Power Exchange, which was set up at national level recently, after enrolling itself as a member, said K. Vijayanand, joint MD, APTransco.

Purchase of power

Besides, the APTransco is calling tenders almost twice a month to purchase additional power from private traders but the “response has been lukewarm” as there is tremendous pressure on them from other States too.

He said a huge sum of Rs 3,000 crore had been set aside for purchase of power from external sources during this year.

“We are passing through a difficult period but we hope we will be able to meet the demand”.