HYDERABAD: The computer generated hall-tickets of Group-II examination of several candidates have baffled officials and aspirants equally with alphabets appearing in the name and father’s name columns instead of original names.

For example, the hall-ticket of Kurma Jagadeeswara Rao carries five alphabets in the name column and an alphabet with astrix. Similar is the case of Subhashini and her name is mentioned as “AA BNGU I HHS IP N” while her father’s name is mentioned as “SA AA* N G NI P.”

When the students rushed to the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) office to verify the errors, it was found that the fault lay with the students who marked the circles in the OMR sheet wrongly.

The APPSC Chairman, Y. Venkatrami Reddy said the fault was from the students’ end and there was no way it could have been rectified since the human interference in generation of hall-tickets was done away with to avoid irregularities.

“The computer will read what students enter and this leads to wrong printing of names.”

He suggested to the students that they could get them rectified at the APPSC office in Hyderabad or the centres in every district. “Those who fail to reach them can still come to the examination hall on September 20 and get them rectified before the test begins,” he said.

No scope for re-scan

Prof. Reddy, however, made it clear that if students mad mistakes while darkening the circles in the OMR sheets to enter their names in the examination, the APPSC would not come to their help. “Once the OMR sheet is given back to the invigilator, the manual role will end. The computer will automatically reject their answer sheets if mistakes are found in the OMR sheet.

There is no scope to re-scan them also,” he said adding that students need to be very cautious while darkening the circles. He asked the students to take the help of invigilators while entering the crucial information.

Nearly 6.5 lakh students are appearing 1,600-odd posts under the Group-II services.

The examination will be held on September 20 and 21. Prof. Reddy said it would take at least two months to announce the results given the huge number of aspirants.