For maverick film director Ram Gopal Varma, tackling the local media in the city the other day did not prove to be too difficult. His one-liners and counter-posers made the press conference a lively one. When a reporter asked him why he seems to have a ‘love-hate’ relationship with the media, RGV was quick to say: “Because I want to have an affair with the media, but not marry it.” When another reporter wanted to know why he was keen on making movies on negative characters like Veerappan rather than good people, the director shot back: “If there are two separate movies on the lives of Hitler and Mother Teresa and you are asked to watch only one, which one would you prefer?” In as much as the reporter tried to avoid giving a direct reply, Varma insisted on getting a direct answer. In the end, it needed the presence of mind of another reporter to point out to RGV that a large number of people all over the world had, indeed, watched and admired the film on Gandhi, the director paused for a while and admitted: “You’re right, I give up.”

Radio ga ga

AIR Vijayawada Station Director Mangalagiri Aditya Prasad must have under-assessed the formidable nature of the task ahead of him when he proposed a project to revive ‘community radio’.

Mr. Prasad selected an ideal place in Gudivada to revive the concept and even found a club to sponsor the small expenditure involved. But, he ran into his first stumbling block when he called for a press conference in the city to publicise his aspirations. Much to his chagrin, representative of only one English daily responded to the invitation he extended to tell the whole wide world. In these days of internet and interactive TV,

Mr. Prasad may have to do nothing short of alchemy to revive the community radio movement.

Tongue twisters!

For a moment, audience and reporters covering a meeting addressed by Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Panabaka Lakshmi thought that they were being introduced to a completely new set of dignitaries on the dais. After laying the foundation stone for an ‘Advanced Ayurvedic Research Centre for Vector-Borne Diseases’ at New Rajiv Nagar on the city outskirts, the Minister addressed a meeting attended by the Director of the Central Council for Research in Ayurveda and Siddha G. S. Lavekar. In his welcome address, the latter read through the long list of VIPs on the dais. Being from the North, he apparently had a problem in pronouncing the local names correctly and the result was there for everyone to see and smile. The name-reading task appeared more like at attempt to get right tongue twisters for the poor north Indian.

Migration blues

When reports appear in the media about leaders likely to change parties, it is expected that they reject it as hearsay or wishful thinking. But TDP city unit treasurer Budda Venkanna has not made any objections so far despite the fact that reports keep appearing about his likely migration to the Praja Rajyam. “Why is he not condemning such reports? Have you asked him to explain all this?” were the questions being posed to the TDP urban leadership. A former corporator insisted in a recent meeting of the urban unit that the matter be clarified as to why Budda Venkanna was not giving rejoinders to the media reports.

This shows that the heat of crossovers is slowly building up at all levels of leadership in the political parties, as the year of elections draws closer.

(K. Srimali, G.V. Ramana Rao, P. Sujatha Varma and G. Ravikiran)