Desperation blinds logic. What NTPP president T. Devender Goud spoke at the first public meeting of his recently launched party showcases exactly that. It was a pale show with not so great numbers gathering at the Nizam College grounds and more so with the mega show of Chiranjeevi fresh in people’s thoughts.

Mr. Goud chose an aggressive mode to get some mileage in the media when he announced that he would declare self-rule from November 2 and all the boards in Telangana region will carry Telangana State instead of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana will replace AP on the number plates of all vehicles.

Given the impracticality of the announcement, it was surprising that a seasoned politician like Mr. Goud chose to announce it at the first public meeting. People expected a more logical argument from Mr. Goud and definitely not rabble rousing, which the people have heard enough.