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Six-year-old Siva was admitted to the hospital with leukaemia 20 days ago

HYDERABAD: The death of a six-year-old boy, T. Shiva, at the Niloufer hospital on Monday morning triggered protest with the boy’s relatives, along with CPI(M) activists staging a demonstration alleging that the child died due to doctors’ negligence.

Shiva’s parents -- Shanta Bai and Bhajan Singh -- along with CPI(M) activists squatted on the main road and raised slogans against the government. They alleged that the doctors were responsible for Shiva’s death.

“Despite knowing that my son’s condition is serious, doctors failed to inform us. We would have taken our son to a private hospital for better treatment had they informed us in advance,” the boy’s mother, Shanta Bai, said weeping inconsolably.

Police later intervened and pacified them assuring that justice would be rendered to the family. Shiva, a native of Karimnagar district, was admitted to the hospital 20 days ago with leukaemia. “Even after giving treatment to him in consultation with doctors from MNJ Cancer Hospital, the boy died,” said Resident Medical Officer G. Hanumanlu.

He said initially, there was no complaint from the boy’s parents.

They later started making allegations after the CPI(M) workers arrived at the hospital. “Outsiders created problem with an ulterior motive,” he alleged.

The hospital had also 10 other deaths and explaining about them, the RMO said weight of a newborn baby should be 3.5kgs, but the weight of the children who died on Sunday was 860 grams to 2.25kgs.

Few children also died due to premature birth, he said.