Gazette notification on delimitation yet to be issued

As per the new Municipal Act, the GHMC will have 150 wards as against 100 in erstwhile MCH

Claims and objections have to be called for after delimitation of wards is done

HYDERABAD: While the government appears to be in no hurry to hold local municipal polls, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) too is in no position to hold them now.

Delimitation of municipal wards, ward-wise boundaries, enumeration of voters and also the Backward Classes among them are yet to be taken up. Importantly, the poll process cannot start unless the government issues an official gazette notification about the wards delimitation.

It was only last week that municipal authorities had put up a note for perusal of Commissioner and Special Officer C.V.S.K. Sarma to be sent to the government for approval. Work can start only when the official notification comes, accept senior officials.

In March and April, the government amended the Municipal Act and also the rules that went with it. Accordingly, there should be 143 wards for a population of more than 50 lakh and an extra ward each for every 60,000 people. Total wards should not be more than 175.

As per the new Act, the GHMC will be having 150 wards, up from 100 wards in the erstwhile MCH.

Election officials say wards delimitation, boundary formations, maps-making, etc., can be done without much ado as also the polling stations since verification was taken up last month for the delimited Assembly constituencies.

BCs’ identification

However, claims and objections have to be called for once wards delimitation is done and again when ward-wise voter enumeration is taken up.

Besides, there is this onerous task of identifying BC voters among the electors. “It’s a tough task but we will do it by putting most of our staff into the job,” says an official.

Easier said than done considering that last time such an exercise turned out to be a failure.

Even if the enumeration is done, another claims and objection exercise has to be taken up. “We need more than 100 days to take up civic polls,” acknowledged an official.

Obviously, the 74th Constitutional Amendment of strengthening urban local bodies has been forgotten since it is more than a year-and-a-half since GHMC came into being and no elections held so far.