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Trapped in swirling waters of Manair, the duo was finally brought to safety by police with the help of swimmers

KARIMNAGAR: The Mustabad police along with other villagers rescued a father and son from drowning in the swirling flood waters of Manair at Bandalingampalli village of Yellareddypet mandal on Sunday night.

B. Anjaiah (35) and his Prashanth (11) went to the Manair river for fishing along with other villagers on Sunday evening. Suddenly, there was a rise in flood and the father and his son were trapped in the water though they climbed over a huge rock. Other villagers returned to the shore in safety and tried to rescue them, but in vain.


When the information reached the Mustabad police, they rushed to the spot along with the rescue equipment . Sub-Inspector Jayaraj and others initially took the help of fire services personnel to rescue the duo. It was a risky task though. A rope was fastened to the fire service personnel and he was let into the gushing waters. In an attempt to reach them he was on the verge of drowning due to the velocity of the flood water. The police on the shore pulled him out of this danger with the help of a rope.

Not to be deterred, the police pressed into service a fishermen and a swimmer. They were able to rescue Anjaiah and not the boy. By then, Joint Collector K. Sashidhar arrived on the scene with water jackets with the help of which the rescuers could get closer to the boy and carry him to safety after a long ordeal.

Cash reward

The rescue operations continued from 9 p.m. on Sunday and continued into the wee hours of Monday.

Distirct Collector Sandeep Kumar Sultania visited the Bandalingampalli village on Monday and handed over a cash reward of Rs. 5,000 to head constable Rajaiah, assured appreciation certificate to SI Vijayraj during the Independence Day celebrations.