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Driving on city roads, already a bother with frequent traffic jams, becomes more challenging

Hyderabad: The heavy downpour that hammered twin cities for two consecutive days has left the roads scarred very badly in several areas. As a result, driving on the city roads has become more challenging as motorists braved the incessant showers while trying not to run into potholes.

While motorists grunted and grumbled trying to evade the ‘mini craters’ not only on the streets, but also on the main roads, commuting was no longer easy. Moreover, the crunching sound of loose gravel under the tyres and unending potholes put many a vehicle’s suspension to test.

Badly battered, roads in the old city wore a ‘seriously injured’ look with upper layers being washed away, especially at the Bahadurpura- Kishanbagh road and Bhavaninagar-Edi Bazaar stretch. “It’s of no use travelling on such roads. Leave alone driving, walking here is impossible. With such constant raining, the roads here will worsen even more,” complained Imranuddin, a regular commuter. Moreover, roads at Shamshergunj and Engine Bowli crossroads turned slushy with loose sand and stones, strewn all over.

Snail’s pace

In addition, traffic speed was affected due to bad condition of the stretch from Mozamjahi Market towards Nampally. Moving at snail’s pace, vehicles were often caught in a gridlock, not leaving an inch for the pedestrians to cross. “The only thing that we can do is just go through them and get over with it. Luckily, even though there are a few huge potholes near Nampally road, the stretch is wide enough for motorists go avoid it,” observed J. Samuel, a student.

However, even though some of the bad stretches in Secunderabad areas were filled with gravel as a temporary relief measure, they turned worse again in no time. Roads in areas such as Vikrampuri, Trimulgherry, LIC and Krishnapuri colonies in West Marredpally, G.K. Colony, Neredmet, Anandbagh and Vayupuri are also in their worst conditions ever.

Untold misery

The 5 km battered road from Golnaka to Suchitra junction is causing untold misery to the motorists as well as the commuters of the APSRTC buses. “Travelling in an APSRTC bus or an autorickshaw is becoming a nightmare once the bus approaches the pothole filled road near Reliance Fresh,” said T. S. Shalini Raj, an engineer.

The main road from Indira Gandhi statue in Old Alwal to Loyola Academy is full of rainwater flowing across from the nearby colonies. “During nights, it is dreadful experience to travel on the vehicles, as the motorists do not know what is in store as there is every likelihood of falling into ditches,” complained, Dr. G. Thyagaraju, a retired veterinary doctor.

However, officials claimed that poclains were pressed into action to remove loose gravel in various areas.