Floods in rainy season is almost an annual feature and yet we continue to see vast areas marooned under flood water and a huge loss of property of victims who are rendered homeless, at least temporarily.

Residents of low-lying areas being evacuated to safer destinations, conversion of Government-run schools, hospital buildings and other public places into rehabilitation camps and allocation of a huge budget to ensure welfare of this displaced section is a recurring phenomenon.

One really fails to understand why the authorities concerned allow the same scenario to emerge repeatedly.

If equipped to deal with the calamity in advance, the officials can focus on several other issues craving for immediate attention.

K. S. Satyanarayana,


Gowthami fire

The ghastly fire in the Gowthami Express should serve as an eye-opener to the railway authorities. Taking cue from such catastrophes, the railway safety commissionerate should find out a device that can alert the driver and the guard of a train in the event of such an occurrence.

This is essential to control the situation and minimize damage.

At the same time, a couple of Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel should be posted on either side of each bogey and they should be equipped with fire extinguishers .

Though implementation of the proposal may take a considerable amount of sum, it certainly would not be more costly than the lives of innocent travellers.

Mohd. Nazeeruddin,


Pull up your socks

The monstrous fire that reduced to charred remains a few bogies of the Gowthami Express can clearly be attributed to the administrative lacunae in the railway department. The primary duty of the protection force personnel deputed in reserved coaches is to remain alert to such tragedies. The TTEs have also been found to be lacking in their responsibility to ensure that no ‘outsider’ entered the coach by maintaining a constant vigil. They just check the ticket, put a tick mark in their chart and go back to their seat for a sound sleep. Now that the result of such lackadaisical stand has been amply demonstrated in the form of the fire tragedy, the authorities should sit up and make the department staff pull up their socks.

B.V. Subramanya Sastry,


A better option!

Children fond of television channels like Jetix, Cartoon Network or Pogo generally face the ire of the elders in the family for staying glued to their favourite programmes. Elders, especially womenfolk, often complain that they are unable to view daily soaps during school holidays. These children actually deserve a pat for choosing what suits their age and taste instead of watching wide-eyed the tear-jerkers that have nothing positive to offer. Elders should feel happy to see their kids staying away from such crap.

M. Varalakshmi,


Timely directive

The directive issued by the Guntur District Legal Services Authority (DISA) to corporate educational institutions is most timely, especially in view of the series of agitations by student organisations to register their protest against the flouting of norms by some corporate bodies.

Taking exception to the gross violation of the AP Educational Act, 1982, by corporate junior colleges, the DISA has asked them to strictly adhere to the working hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

It is common knowledge that students in these institutions are detained almost till 9 p.m. in the name of ‘study hours’. Some of them conduct classes even in summer vacation against the rules stipulated by the Board of Intermediate Education. The DISA should take a tough stand against such cases.

Subash Samuel,