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Search for Hari Shankar, Roshni Mukherjee alive on the net

HYDERABAD: The virtual space is a storehouse of information. It’s also a storehouse of memories. Immortality might be a myth, but virtual immortality is a reality.

With each passing day, people continue to log on to various social networking sites creating virtual avatars. Virtual avatars are now shadows of the real person. In such a scenario, a sudden loss of a friend or relative brings forth a host of reactions online.

The online personas of Hari Shankar and Roshni Mukherjee continue to live- whether through ‘’ or their Orkut profiles and blogs. For friends and family, the loss has been sudden and shocking. “Hari, Roshni, are you guys playing a joke? Don’t you think it’s gone on too long? Come home now,” a message left on the guestbook of the website shows how shocking their ‘disappearance’ has been.

“Josh and Hari u know u need to be back, the joke must end by now plzzz,”—message of a friend who is left ‘hoping’ for a miracle. The couple’s scrapbooks are slowly filling up with messages from friends who refuse to give up their search.

Blogs of the couple’s friends express pain and sorrow… “Death isn’t a gift that you just give to someone, without their asking for it. I ask of you to give us a gentle tap, remind us of our time, so we bid adieu. Give us the chance to mend our mistakes, and see life full of our loved ones, one last time. Cruel and unannounced, that can’t be the way. No more, I say,” says a friend of Roshni in her blog ‘Wasted’.

Profiles of friends of the couple express their trauma, “I am devasted”-- a status message of a Roshni’s colleague in her Facebook profile. “They were always meant to be together and are together, let them go...” says a comment to the status.