Special Correspondent

Displaced families not offered employment

‘Cement plants will cause environmental damage’

KURNOOL: CPI(M) district secretary T. Shadrak urged the government to enhance the compensation to farmers who lost their land for cement plants in the district to Rs. 6 lakh per acre.

Talking to reporters here on Tuesday, he said farmers in various villages lost nearly 15,000 acres in the district. But most of the farmers were paid a price of below Rs. 1 lakh per acre. He accused the factory managements of colliding with middlemen who snatched land from innocent farmers. Those who resisted were threatened, he alleged.

He said the displaced families were not offered any employment in factories.

Nearly half-a-dozen cement factories are coming up in the southern part of the district. In the long run, the plants would cause serious environmental pollution and the villages would become inhabitable, he said. He expressed concern over shortage of seed and fertilizer in the market.