Says remarks against weaker sections attributed to him by TV channel

Prabhakar Reddy says the language used by him has been distorted

Seeks action against the television channel for provoking people

HYDERABAD: J. C. Prabhakar Reddy, brother of Panchayat Raj Minister J.C. Diwakar Reddy, on Saturday tendered an unconditional apology to weaker sectionsfor the controversial remarks he had made during a meeting with the Transport Commissioner earlier this week.

Amid continuing protests by the weaker sections’ organisations and Transport Department employees, Mr. Prabhakar Reddy, accompanied by his brother, addressed a press conference at the Press Club of Hyderabad on Saturday evening.

He played the video footage of the controversial remarks in the presence of media persons and senior journalists invited by the Minister. Mr. Prabhakar Reddy said: “I tender unconditional apology to all those who have been hurt for the last four days because of the controversial remarks attributed to me by a regional television channel.”

“When lakhs of people are upset with the remarks, I feel it is better for me to suffer alone rather than cause anguish to others,” he said and admitted that it was wrong on his part to behave in an unruly manner with officials.

Mr. Prabhakar Reddy circulated a transcript of his utterances to prove that his words were not offensive. “I hail from a rural area and the language used by me was totally distorted by the channel to project me as the accused,” Mr. Prabhakar Reddy said.

TV channel blamed

He alleged that the channel had intentionally provoked the people as his family had filed a defamation suit against it. “There is a lot of pressure on me to withdraw the case which is coming up for trial in February next,” he remarked.

Mr. Diwakar Reddy said it was not correct on part of his brother to lose temper and behave in highly objectionable manner with officials. “No body has given him the right to abuse any body by his caste name. If my brother has erred, he deserves action,” he pointed out.

Earlier, two Ministers -- K. Jana Reddy (Home) and K. Lakshminarayana (Transport) -- said that Mr. Prabhakar Reddy had not made any derogatory remark against a particular Backward Caste community during his heated exchanges with Transport officials.