Special Correspondent

Takes dig at Yerran Naidu

TIRUPATI: The certificate issued by the Lok Sabha Speaker clearly confirming that Chittoor TDP MP D.K. Adikesavulu had voted against the confidence motion could not have come at a more appropriate time for the badly bruised TDP veteran who was expelled from the party for violating the party whip.

Armed with the copy, the MP now asserts that the Speaker’s certificate had clearly vindicated his assertion right from the day one that he had neither violated the party whip nor voted in favour of the Manmohan Singh government as was wrongly made-out by the TDP’s Parliamentary Party leader, Yerran Naidu to cover up his own failure to take care of even 3 TDP MPs on the day of the confidence vote. Yerran Naidu bungled the whole task and was in such a confused mind that he misled Chandrababu Naidu that I had voted against the party whip, Adikesavulu told reporters on Thursday.

Action defended

The MP also defended his opting for the ‘slip’ system to exercise his voting instead of pressing the electronic button. He insists that the members are given the ‘option’ to use either the slip or the button. He is also unhappy over the way in which Mr. Chandrababu Naidu despite their close relations, rather over-reacted to the ‘canards’ spread against him by the vested interests.

He is particularly unhappy over what he called the ‘unceremonious manner’ in which Mr. Naidu sent him out of the party playing into the hands of the ‘tiny group’ of seven persons in the district TDP unit. How can he go by the recommendation of a meeting attended hardly by 5 persons, he asked.