Suresh Krishnamoorthy

HYDERABAD: Come July 7, an army of volunteers and active campaigners for actor Chiranjeevi’s party will fan out across the State in a week-long drive to collect names in households and to help register voters.

The campaign is aimed at bringing awareness about the party and serve as a data bank for campaign managers.

Members of the star’s core team, his brother-in-law and film producer Allu Arvind and Mithra the ‘idealogue’, said voter registration was a focus area. About 30 per cent of youth are yet to find a place in the electoral rolls and this is their target. One such promotion of enlisting members involves usage of the SMS mode on mobiles, asking thousands to get in touch and call a mobile number to join

Silent movements

Also, another URL,, enabled by Pravasa Chiranjeevi Organisation, US, invites people to send e-petitions urging the star to lead them.

Meanwhile, silent movements are on, with people from specific walks of life joining hands in social service.

One such is ‘DoIT’ (Dynamites of Information Technology), a group comprising IT professionals. In two months it boasts of motivating over 4,000 people to sign up.

A DoIT founder, A. Raja Suresh Kumar, said the volunteers meet every Sunday.

On June 8, they spent five hours at Om Shanti Om, an old age home, organising games for 100 people and having lunch with them.

On June 15, DoIT members were at Alpha Orphanage with 40 kids.

They distributed notebooks and stationery. June 22 saw them at Amma Foundation where 15 volunteers ‘adopted’ as many students with the promise of taking care of their education for a year, initially. They gave away book shelves, fans, rugs, plates and a colour TV.

Last Saturday, DoIT took up a voter enrolment awareness programme. Chapters have been formed in Bangalore, Chennai and Pune.