Special Correspondent

VISAKHAPATNAM: Some top leaders of the CPI (Maoist) like Chadda Bhushanam, Kakuri Kondanna and Ravi reportedly participated in the attack on a launch in Chitrakonda resevoir which was carrying the Greyhound constables on Sunday morning.

The attack was reportedly carried out by the State Military Committee of the CPI (Maoist)’s Andhra-Orissa Border Zonal Special Committee. It was formed some time ago to carry out major hits against the police in these parts.

After carrying out the attack, the leaders along with about 50-odd cadre moved towards Dantewada. The launch was attacked first with a light machine gun and the Maoists opened fire with their other weapons and used rocket launchers. After the boat tilted and capsized, naxalites used country boats and fired at those trying to swim to safety.

This might have caused more causalities but more deaths were due to drowning as the boat capsized and took along with it 35 Greyhounds sitting in its cabin. The attack lasted 25 minutes and the Maoists emptied all their ammunition before leaving the place.

Meanwhile, relatives and friends of Munchingput Sub Inspector Sankara Rao who was with the Greyhounds party, reached here, hoping to hear that he is safe. About 20 of them came from Palavalasa in Srikakulam district. But they said the police did not provide any authentic information.

Srikakulam SP Ch. Srikanth and Palakonda Dy. S.P. went to Sankara Rao’s parents in their native village and told them that search is still on.