Film: Koncham Kotthaga

Cast: Venkat, Tulip Joshi

Direction: Raju Rajendra Prasad

Konchem Kotthaga is a straight and focused film and the director tells his story without cheating or leading the audiences astray.

It is a good film mostly, but not entirely in the current horror mould, suspenseful and skillfully made.

He sticks to his point, makes it short and bearable.

No revealing costumes by the heroine, no pop remixes and no overdose of screams and heightened, tense atmosphere.

But genre enthusiasts will be pleased and other seasoned movie goers might be mildly enthused to stay glued just to know what happens in the end.

The film won’t shock or scare you, but the narrative is interesting. After the initial mood is set, the first 30 minutes drags, it has a slow-burn opening and one keeps guessing who Venkat and Tulip Joshi are and what they are doing in a huge home oblivious to each other’s presence.

The spookiness is replaced by ridiculousness but then the director knows what he wants.

Pre-interval is completely sans dialogues and all you see is a young man and a woman walking around aimlessly, bored and sometimes perplexed with the strange noises and development. The entire film takes place in the house.

A burglar breaks in and only then the three realise that they are in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

There are more developments on the trio’s part, a couple of dead bodies, a policeman and the puzzle is solved eventually. There is no over dramatisation by either Venkat, Tulip Joshi and their work is convincing enough. Ali’s comedy is subtle and situational and there are not more than half a dozen people as the cast.

Looks like the film is made with some tight budget, a nice time pass movie and assures safe adrenaline rushes.