Nivedita Ganguly

Tourists may soon shun it if filth and waste are not cleaned regularly

Dirty surroundings are a big blotch, says a French national

Lack of public awareness adversely affects the beach

VISAKHAPATNAM: It’s probably the breeziest of places by the beach in the evenings. But, at the same time, the stench and dirt left unattended on the sands are sure to trigger an assault on the senses and the sensibilities of the human mind.

Even as Rushikonda continues to attract hordes of tourists every year, the state of the beach lies in a pathetic condition. Though there is no denying the fact that dirty beaches and backwaters could adversely affect tourism in a State like Andhra Pradesh, little has been done to counter the recurring problem at the Rushikonda beach.


Dumping of wastes from drainage water and strewn wastes has plagued the glory and beauty of the beach. As a tourist recently remarked: “The Ocean returns whatever you throw.”

Heaps of plastics, clothes and other wastes like vegetable rots and peels, garlands, waste papers and broken glasses from drainages that join the seawater are washed ashore the next day.

Lack of public awareness programmes and sustained initiatives by authorities have taken its toll on the once clean and beautiful beach of Rushikonda.

Water sports

While tourists prefer the quite and scenic surroundings of the place, many of them have begun complaining about the state of beach that lies neglected.

“This is perhaps one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches of the world. But the filth and waste littered on the sands are a big let down and a big blotch on the beauty of the place,” says sea surfer Lebahian Sebastian from the Reunion Island, a French province, who is conducting sea surfing camp at Rushikonda.

Apart from being a popular tourist spot, Rushikonda has great potential for conducting water sports like yachting, surfing and kayaking and has been a host to several national level competitions.

“Rushikonda is one of the most favoured tourist places. Unless the beaches are periodically cleaned, the tourists will be robbed of the pristine joy of enjoying a blissful evening by the beachside and may very soon shun away from the place,” APTDC divisional manager P. Jeevan Prasad says.