Film: Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic

Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Rani Mukherji

Director: Kunal Kohli

On our shoulders reside two guardian angels. One notes down all the good deeds we do. The other jots down all evil.

Anybody who ignores the good slips into a web of lies and deceit, breaks relationships. For such people hell is a torment in waiting.

Anybody who tends to the old, forgives those around, brings people together…well she is an angel! A bit moralistic? Yes, but it is such dashes of morals that save Kunal Kohli’s “Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic” from being an insufferable compilation of other kid flicks.

The film is replete with predictables: naughty children in a mansion – these days even untimely demise of parents fails to snatch away the riches in Hindi cinema! – orphaned with the death of parents in an accident, an angry guardian; and of course, a fairy who rides a pink cycle, wears white, floats over clouds and gets everything right for them.

The director spins a story out of little prayers, and fond hopes of the innocent.There are moments when dew-fresh Rani Mukherji enters as a fairy that you smile, and life does seem to hold hope in its lap.

After quite sometime, Rani appears fetching, a woman fit to be pampered with a thousand pearls and a million rose buds. She sails through her role, knowing, she might have the centre-stage here, but it is essentially for length rather than substance.

Predictable fare

Much like Saif who plays a tyro who, again predictably, cannot stand the sight of kids he is supposed to bring up after being responsible for their parents death. Again, no guesses needed, he undergoes a change of heart and becomes a lovey-dovey guardian.How the metamorphosis takes place? Well, Kohli does not take the viewers into confidence. We believe the four kids, each of whom is likeable without really leaving a lasting impression.

Amidst all this, one occasionally gets involved with the story of an angel out to protect the kids from their uncaring guardian. Rani lights up the screen every now and then. As indeed does – and that is a surprise – Ameesha Patel who as Saif’s girlfriend given the short shrift is supposed to slide in and out of micro minis.

The way “Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic” evolves, it comes across as an average family film for an undemanding section of the audience. For those who ask uneasy questions of novelty, professional treatment and at least a semblance of a script, it is disappointing.

Want to ask about the reality of this dream at the box office? Ah! You could as well ask about the joy of losing.