What is the future of electrical engineering in the present day scenario?

In this developing country, there is good future for electrical engineering with the government deciding to add an additional one lakh MW of power projects in the country by the end of 2012. There is scope for students to secure jobs in companies related to the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity such as APGenco, APTransco, NTPC, Powergrid corporation etc. Incidentally, electrical engineering is an easy course.

What is the difference between ECE and electrical engineer?

An electrical engineering student can do his PG and Ph. D in electrical engineering and computer sciences. But a computer engineer cannot do his PG and Ph. D in the electrical stream.

What is the future of B. Pharmacy courses in the country?

The B. Pharmacy course can be done by both BiPC and MPC students. They have better opportunities if they complete M. Pharmacy and Ph. D. The output of B. Pharmacy was only 18,000 students per annum but the demand was 50,000 per annum in the market. Several PG pharmacy colleges were also coming up to meet the growing demand.

What should a student look for when choosing mechanical engineering in a college?

The students should look for fully-equipped laboratories such as IC engine labs and efficient faculty. Students studying mechanical engineering should be exposed to the laboratory and learn more about the mechanics.

How about selecting a career in flying or aeronautics?

A student can join the Commercial Pilot License course immediately after completing his Intermediate education. He should not have colour blindness. There are many institutions offering CPL and aircraft maintenance courses in Hyderabad. There is huge demand for pilots in the coming days. However, pilot training is a costly affair. But banks are ready to extend financial assistance for the training.

What are the opportunities in B. Tech (planning)?

In the construction field, there is good demand for the architecture, who design houses and other infrastructure projects. Even the middle classes have started approaching architects to design their small houses.

What is the difference between IT and CSE?

Both IT and CSE courses provide employment in the software industry. However, for pursuing higher education and research and development, CSE is the best course.

How is the demand for IT?

The demand for IT would always exist in this global village. Data is increasing every day and there should be a person for the management of this data.

How does one choose the right college and course?

The college should be selected based on its past experiences, availability of qualified faculty, laboratory facilities, placement record, etc. There is no use choosing the best college where there is no good faculty.

What is the future of civil engineering?

There is good demand for civil engineering in the country with the rapid infrastructural developmental in all sectors. There is demand for about 30,000 civil engineers in the State, but only 5,000 civil engineers are coming out of the college.

What will be the future of biotechnology in the country?

With the government focusing on launching the second green revolution, there is good scope for the bio-technologists in agro-based industries. There is urgent need for biotechnologists to overcome food shortage in the country.

What are the prospects for BDS?

The BDS course is beneficial for everyone. With the increase in awareness about oral hygiene it has good scope. It is very suitable for women, as patients come only by appointment and there are no emergencies to take care of. Nowadays, there is good scope in teaching also.