Instead of resorting to ‘rail roko’ and ‘rasta roko’ agitations, politicians can think of other novel methods for giving vent to their ‘roko’ mania.

They can clean the drains, plant trees and clean the roads, expose the corruption in government offices.

And if they are bent upon only ‘roko’, they can go for `Viman roko’ and stop the flights.

S.K. Sharma


Oven or a station

The Kakinada Town railway station and the staff quarters are built without a thought for thermal comfort.

The rooms, including booking counter, passenger halls, reservation office, staff rooms, cloak room, stores and equipment rooms or waiting rooms, are oven-hot throughout the year.

Effect of heat in the interiors can be lessened using the principle of convection of heat which takes out the hot air at the top by provision of large-size ventilators near the ceiling to improve the conditions.

M.V. Subrahmanya Sastry