HYDERABAD: The model code of conduct for the byelections turned out to be a tricky issue on Sunday when the results were announced.

As per the guidelines issued by the Election Commission and the schedule notified, the code will be in force till June 3 when the “process” of byelections will come to a close.

Enforcement of the code even after the announcement of results is seen as serving no purpose as there is no scope of anyone influencing the polling, an exercise already completed.

Can a politician influence voting that had already taken place by way of speech, act or display? The answer from Chief Electoral Officer I. V. Subba Rao is a firm “no” but he says the code will be in force till June 3.

He explained that this two-day period was planned by the EC as a “cushion” to hold re-poll or recounting of votes if such a need arose.